About Us

Nutty Naturals

Nutty Naturals is a well established, family owned business, extending over 20 years of experience.  Our priority as a company is to service our consumer with the highest quality product available. 

With our supply ranging from fresh and nutritious dried fruits to savory nuts, we provide a refreshing outlook to an existing product.  Our dried fruit selection features apple rings, banana chips, mangos, papayas and much more. Additionally, we supply a choice of bulk nut and/or fruit mixes that create exciting flavorful combinations.

Our freshly roasted nuts are sold in attractive yet practical packaging. For your convenience we offer private labeling for all your personalized needs. Contact us for more details, whether it be business related or a personal gift. 

From distributors world-wide, we make certain that our products are handpicked and of the highest quality. From our Nutty Naturals family to your home, we are confident in knowing, you will love, savor, and enjoy our product.

Certified Products

Most of our products are certified kosher.

Health Benefits

There are great sources of evidence that eating a handful of peanuts and nuts on a daily basis has a positive effect on our health. They help you keep your heart healthy and balance your weight, and they play a role in the prevention of diabetes. But most of all they are a delicious snack and are used worldwide as an ingredient in recipes.

Consumers love trying new things and even more, they love nuts and dried fruits. But with all the news on food-related health issues, people are becoming increasingly more aware about what they put in their bodies. In fact, over two-thirds of U.S. consumers (68%) have reported taking more “active steps to eat more healthily” over the previous year. So whether you’re a research chef, executive chef, or product developer, try adding nuts as the perfect way to create a mouth-watering product or meal that your customer can enjoy without a lot of guilt.