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There are numerous ways to enjoy peanuts and nuts in a balanced diet. They are tasty as a snack, you can eat a handful of nuts during your afternoon break or as a salty treat when having a drink.


Nuts for vegetarians

Many people worldwide choose not to eat any meat or fish on one or more days of the week. If you choose the right meat substitutes you can still get all the essential nutrients. Peanuts and nuts are an ideal and healthy alternative for meat because of their high protein, iron and B vitamin content. So, if you are a vegetarian or do not want to cook with meat every day, you can also choose a recipe with peanuts and nuts. About Nuts has put together many delicious recipes for you. Check out the recipes and find something delicious for this evening's dinner!

Nuts as a snack

Peanuts and nuts are not only tasty as part of your meal, they are also a healthy and nutritious snack during the day. There are numerous occasions on which to eat a handful of peanuts or nuts. For example, when you are suffering from a four o'clock dip or feel like some exercise. Take a handful of peanuts or nuts to fight your feelings of hunger. They're nice and filling, contain healthy nutrients and above all are naturally tasty! Peanuts and nuts are of course a great snack when having a drink. And you can eat them without feeling guilty. Apart from the fact that peanuts and nuts contain a large amount of nutrients (such as vitamins and minerals), research has also shown that a handful each day can help maintain a healthy weight. So enjoy yourself, and have a handful of peanuts or nuts every day � with a clear conscience!

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